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My Journey Started Here...and Yours Could Too!

Are you burnt out on your 9 to 5?  Or maybe you feel pulled strongly in the direction of health and wellness, but aren't sure where to start or how to get your foot in the door?  Or possibly you are just motivated to provide the best possible environment in which to foster your family's growth and health, and you need more knowledge to do so.  If any of these sound like you, enrolling at Institute for Integrative Nutrition might be a good fit for you!

Click the link to the right to get a curriculum guide and learn a little more about IIN, or check out their You Tube channel.  Keep scrolling below to hear why I decided to enroll, and what I love about this school.

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Why Institute for Integrative Nutrition Was the Right Fit For Me

When I started my journey to getting healthier, I came across IIN almost instantly.  Some of the bloggers and "health women" of the web I trusted most had gotten their certification there.  When I enrolled, I had an instant community full of well-educated, naturally-minded peers who were also seeking to understand the most innovative and up-to-date research and theories surrounding nutrition and functional medicine.  To this day, I still follow former IIN colleagues on social media, and am a member of several Facebook groups of IIN alumni.

In addition to the amazing networking opportunities, IIN is committed to and follows through on the promise to deliver lectures from some of the top holistic nutrition experts and functional medicine doctors out there.  The lectures were so good, I looked forward to them every week and would pause, rewind, and listen again and again to make sure I caught everything.  I'm a researcher and a student at heart, and there was no shortage of great information from the lessons for me to dig into.

And when it comes to turning your IIN education into a business or a job, if that's what you plan to do, IIN hits it out of the park.  They gave me everything I needed to setup and start my own health coach business, and from there I was able to get the job of my dreams working for a holistically-minded women's health center.  Was it hard sometimes? Sure!  Did I have to google a lot to figure out different online technologies I was using for the first time? Of course!  But honestly, I relied SO MUCH on my fellow IIN students and alumni, and everyone helps everyone else out!

To put it simply, if you are seeking true holistic health information, or if you want to turn health and wellness into your career or even side-job, IIN is the best place to start.  It was the catalyst for the life I have now - a life in which I am healthier, happier than I've ever been, and am more satisfied professionally.  If you have any questions at all for me regarding IIN or my journey, please don't hesitate to reach out!  I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at Shannon@radiantbynature.com.