The Top 2 Things You Need to Know about Juicing vs. Blending. (#2 is Controversial!)

By Shannon Gierl

I’m fairly certain that my neighbor at my previous apartment suspected I was involved in some sort of in-home manufacturing or was running a mini jet fighter assembly line (though given I was living in Newport, KY, he likely suspected something way more illegal).  The truth was I felt (kind of) bad about waking him every morning at 7am on the nose with my rudimentary centrifugal juicer.  Not bad enough to stop juicing though.

I’ve only been juicing for about a year now regularly, but I have done some serious juicing exploration, research, and experimentation within that time (including a juice fast, which lasted a very impressive 1.75 days. Don’t ask my fiancé about that one - it’s a sore subject).  What I can definitively say is that juicing, with all its skeptics and sometimes tedious clean-up, is definitely worth the effort. If you can make juicing a part of your daily or almost-daily routine, your skin, body, energy-level, immune system, and overall health will thank you. I promise.  

So I’m keeping it simple, and handy: these are the top 2 questions I’ve gotten about juicing vs. blending from my clients, family, and friends over the past year, and the answers you need to clear up a lot of confusion!  Pin the charts for an easy-to-access guide next time you are getting your blending or juicing on!

1. Q:  What can I juice vs. blend?  

A: There is some flexibility here, but to make it simple, I’ve drawn up a chart with the most common fruits and vegetables, and whether you can juice or blend them. Start creating!


2. Q:  What is better for you: juices or smoothies?  

A: Trick question: both are fantastic for you, but for different reasons.  Lately there has been a lot of critics voicing their opinions about juicing not being good for you because you lose the fiber. Let me clear this up: you do miss out on the fiber from fruits and veggies when you juice them vs. blend; that is a fact.  What is a myth is that this makes juicing bad for you. It has many of its own advantages. Here’s the skinny on each:  


Got a burning question about juicing or blending that I didn’t cover? Please, ask it! Shoot me an email at and I will answer your question personally (or in another blog post if it warrants it :)).

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